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Christchurch Bike Tours’ specialise in leisurely city bicycle experiences that incorporate the past, present and future rebuild of Christchurch.

 Your competent guide will take you to some of the city’s most interesting and unexpected places as you head off “the beaten track” to see, feel and experience the real Christchurch.

Christchurch city is flat and has many purpose built cycle-ways, so it is perfect for biking. This makes the city bicycle tours suitable for all fitness levels. Comfortable new bikes are used, each with a basket on the front for your bag and camera. Standards approved helmets and safety vests are provided.

“A cycle tour to all the hot spots of one of the world’s greatest garden citys, a walk around paradise will take you at least four hours, but on the Christchurch Bike Tour you can do it in just two!”
– Catriona Rowntree, Getaway Travel Show – Australia