October 2015

Friday Night Food Trucks in Cathedral Square


The Friday Night Food Trucks are now back in Cathedral Square serving up a variety of awesome street food.

The trucks will be there every Friday till 25 March 2016 except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Food Truck culture has become a highlight of the city experience in Christchurch.  Last summer (2014-15) attracted more than 1,000 people every Friday night back in to the heart of the city.

Some of the trucks you will see are: Rodi’s Spice Fusion, Rollickin’ Gelato, Sherpa Kai, Ceylon Kitchen, Fritz’s Wieners, Kiwi Churros, Transylvanian Delight – Chimney Cakes, Tiki Taco, All Thingz Nice, Liberty Foods, Lettuce Eat, Five R’s Pinoy Food, Dorothy’s Pop Up Tea Rooms, Mamacita’s, Street Food and Spring Potato.

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