On Sunday 31st August 2014, cyclists will have a rare opportunity to cycle through the Lyttelton Tunnel. This is part of the commemoration of 50 years since the Tunnel was opened in 1964.

The tunnel cost £2.7 million to build and it was said to be “among the most modern in the world”. At 1944m long it became, and remains, New Zealand’s longest road tunnel. It took three years to build.

“We are opening the tunnel for people to cycle through, just as local residents did when the tunnel opened in 1964, and as we did back in 1964, walkers, cyclists and skateboarders will be asked for a donation – a gold coin this time – with all money raised going to the same charity, Cholmondeley Children’s Centre.” –

For more information, visit www.cyclingchristchurch.co.nz

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